How did Sridevi being so fit have cardiac arrest?

Sridevi was an inspiration to many for her fitness and healthy lifestyle. She was a role model for many and so her sudden passing due to cardiac arrest came as a shock to many. It is true that her passing has left us all devastated, but we must not forget the incredible journey she had and the amazing things she achieved to stay fit, healthy and beautiful.

Sridevi was known to practice yoga and Pilates regularly. She was a firm believer in the benefits of yoga and meditation, and she truly lived by the mantra “health is wealth”. She was also a devotee of the Indian martial art Kalaripayattu, which she practiced religiously. Her dedication to staying fit was unparalleled.

Despite her incredible fitness and healthy lifestyle, it is still unclear as to why Sridevi suffered from cardiac arrest. There are various theories, from her possibly having a heart condition to her possibly having been dehydrated due to her rigorous fitness regime. However, the exact cause of her sudden passing is still unknown.

Sridevi’s death has been a tragic reminder that no matter how fit and healthy we are, we can never predict what life has in store for us. We should all take this as a lesson, and make sure that we take care of our health and our bodies. We should also remember Sridevi’s inspiring fitness journey, and strive to make it a part of our lives, too.


The tragic and sudden passing of Indian cinema icon Sridevi has been a shock to the world. Even more shocking is the fact that Sridevi was known for her fit physique and had seemingly no known health issues. How, then, did she have such a sudden and tragic cardiac arrest? In this article, we will explore the possible causes of Sridevi’s cardiac arrest, despite her fit build.

The Role of Genetics in Heart Disease:

While Sridevi was known to be fit, it is still possible that she had a genetic predisposition to heart disease. Even if a person is fit and follows a healthy lifestyle, there is still a chance that their genes can put them at risk for heart disease. In addition, many heart diseases do not show any symptoms until it is too late, so even if Sridevi felt completely healthy, she could still have had an underlying heart condition.

The Role of Stress in Heart Disease:

Stress is another possible cause of Sridevi’s cardiac arrest. High levels of stress can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, even in healthy people. In addition, Sridevi had been working non-stop for many years, which could have caused her stress levels to be high. It is possible that her body was unable to handle the stress and this led to her cardiac arrest.


The cause of Sridevi's cardiac arrest may never be known. However, it is possible that her fit physique did not protect her from the risk of heart disease. It is also possible that her body was under too much stress and this led to her cardiac arrest. Whatever the cause, it is a tragedy that such an icon was taken from us so suddenly.

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